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Super Helios led grow lights is the Perfect Solution to All Your Light Troubles!

Why Super Helios led grow lights?

Because it overcomes the problems with traditional grow lights systems: fluorescent lights produce the wrong colour spectrum, incandescent lights have low illumination, and HPS lights produce a lot of heat.

The Super Helios offers just the right combination of colour spectrum, light intensity, and heat. This makes our Super Helios the ideal and more balanced solution to your problem.

With Super Helios shining a bright and non-damaging light on your plants, you can expect them to grow, flourish and blossom in front of your very eyes. We offer a 90 days money back guarantee if Super Helios does not meet your expectations. But trust us – it will!

You cannot get this full-spectrum arrangement from anywhere else in the world as we are Number One when it comes to quality and affordability.

Don’t let the size of Super Helios fool you! Good things come in small packages! This state of the art, unassuming LED grow light solution is fully capable of providing your plants with a high and expansive light intensity — emitting light over the entire grow area and giving the best results.


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