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LED HYDROPONICS - E.S.T. 2008 Call us 07967109663, 0345 680 2687  or 01753477543

5″ (125mm) Prima Klima Extraction Kit 420 m3/h


Our extraction kits come complete with a Prima Klima Fan, a Prima Klima Ecoline Filter, 5 metres of Combi Ducting and 2 x Quick Release Duct Clips.

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Prima Klima have been at the forefront of grow room extraction since 1996.

Trusted, reliable and manufactured in Europe they have been a staple in the hydroponics industry for over twenty years.

5” PK 125 Inline Fan 420 m3/h

Prima Klima’s single speed fans have been produced for the ultimate cost/benefit relationship. They are produced with the leading brand of Swiss motor, using German engineering to create a range of super reliable and virtually silent-running fans.


Speed (m3/h )

Tube connection





PK 100 5”


125 mm

60 W

0.26 A

230 V

2.3 kg

PK 5” Eco Line Carbon Filter 125mm x 400mm

Prima Klima’s Eco Line range of carbon filters are easy to install and super-reliable. The activated carbon inside each filter effectively removes all odours from your room whilst allowing your ventilation fans to work more efficiently than competitor carbon filters.

Eco-Line filters are filled with activated stone coal 1050 m3/h surface and dressed with F5 white pre-filter.

Temperature: Maximal flow of air temperature = 70°C

Relative humidity: Maximal flow of air humidity = 70%


Sizes (flange x height)





PK 5”

125 x 400mm

480 m3/h

360 m3/h

3.6 kg



DuctKing Combi Ducting

DuctKing Combi Ducting has an aluminum and polyester inner shell. This is supported by a sturdy steel wire helix with the added protection of a PVC outer layer. The result? A strong and sturdy ventilation essential!

Please note, these fans require wiring with a suitable cable and plug before use (Not Included).


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